Saturday, May 9, 2009

Short Takes

What Did Nancy Pelosi Know? — More importantly, what did she do about torture?

Controlled Fall
— The recession will be orderly now.

Try, try again
— Military commissions for Gitmo prisoners are being reconsidered.

Wild fires — 30,000 evacuated from homes near Santa Barbara.

Buh-bye Fly-Over Guy — As predicted, Louis Caldera quits his White House job for arranging the boneheaded photo op over New York City.

Footloose in Findlay — A Christian school forbids a student from attending a prom at another school. (In the film version, Kevin Bacon will play the principal.)

When was the last time you read about a trolley car crash?

Balanced Budget at a cost — Florida does it by raising fees and cutting salaries.

Poached eggs can get you busted.

Tigers win 1-0 in Cleveland.

Oh, the inanity: The Onion reports that Trekkies blast the new Star Trek film as “fun, watchable.”