Thursday, May 7, 2009

Short Takes

$17 Billion sounds like a lot of money, but it’s a little more than 1% of the federal budget, and cutting even that much will be tough.

Stress Test results will be revealed today.

Dude — Gov. Schwarzenegger wants California to study legalizing pot.

Still Spinning — The Boston Globe is still alive.

Big Tent? — Rush Limbaugh tells Colin Powell to leave the GOP.

Stop the presses — The Washington Times retracts a negative editorial about President Obama’s poll numbers.

Spin and win — Florida and the Seminoles work out a gambling deal.

Buckle Up — Not wearing a seat belt in Florida can get you ticketed.

Tigers were rained out in Chicago. Meanwhile, they’re in second place in the division with a 14-12 record, 2 games behind KC.