Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sink In

As expected, Florida CFO Alex Sink has tossed her hat into the ring for the governor’s job.

Sink, 60, becomes the instant front-runner for her party’s nomination, with more than $1.1 million already raised. Party activists, still energized by President Barack Obama’s Florida victory, see her as their best chance to gain control of the governor’s office for the first time in 12 years.

“In the short time I’ve been here in Tallahassee, I’ve gotten a chance to see how Tallahassee works and really had some amazing accomplishments,” Sink said in an interview Wednesday. “I think the state needs new and different leadership in these economic times.”

Sink is the first of numerous politicians who are expected to shift gears thanks to Crist’s move but will likely be the lone Democrat running for governor.

Republican Attorney General Bill McCollum is expected to announce his gubernatorial candidacy next week in Orlando, while Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson — who’s term-limited in his current office — also wants to run.

The primary for the governor’s office will probably come down to a battle of who can stake out the most far-right position. Let ’em have at it. Meanwhile, the wingnuts have chimed in with their displeasure over Charlie Crist; RedState blogger Erick Erickson wants his comrades to boycott the NRSC over their endorsement of Crist, and he warns darkly “that NRSC support for Crist ‘will blow up in their face big time when the salacious stuff comes out.'” Hmm…. does he know something about Gov. Crist that no one else has been able to substantiate? By the way, if Mr. Erickson is hinting at Gov. Crist is gay, so what? What’s “salacious” about that? The wingnuts truly need to get over their preoccupation with other people’s sex lives…as if that’s all there is to being gay. Or straight, for that matter.

But once again, it looks like Florida politics will be a big story on the national scene.