Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hark, the Herald Angles for Blogs

The Miami Herald is getting ready to launch a new on-line feature that gathers together over 200 South Florida blogs and places them in an easy-to-click format.

I found this out when I, along with several other local bloggers (Mango and Lime, Photography is Not a Crime, 305 Misadventures, Brickell Life, Sex and the Beach and Dayngrous Discourse), were invited to preview the new page at the Herald newsroom last night. Editors Shelly Acoca and Rick Hirsch showed us the beta version (here) which is expected to launch within the week.

It comes with some handy-dandy widgets and search tools (some kinks are still being worked out), and as both Ms. Acoca and Mr. Hirsch said repeatedly, they are open to ideas and suggestions, including adding new blogs to the roll. They will not control any content, and the only blogs that will be excluded are those that are strictly ads or spam.

I’m impressed with the effort and the outreach, and I was flattered to be asked to preview the site. More and more papers are beginning to see blogs — and bloggers — not just as curiosities but as genuine sources of news, opinion, and context about their communities, and it can’t help but be good for just about everyone.

HT to Carlos Miller.