Thursday, June 11, 2009

Question of the Day

The Big Switch to digital TV, delayed from February by an act of Congress because people weren’t ready, comes this weekend. People still aren’t ready. Are you?

Have you bought a digital TV or are you still glued to the tube?

I still have analog, but I’m also hooked up to a cable system, so I don’t have to worry that I’ll be left in the dark on Saturday. I have three sets; a fairly large one in the living room and a small one each in the bedroom and study. At this point I don’t plan on replacing them, and if I did, I would only do the one in the living room since it’s got the cable box that gets premium channels. (Comcast charges per outlet, which is a first for me; until I moved to Miami, none of the cable systems I was on did that, and they make you get a converter box for premium channels on each TV; again, a first. The converter box also re-sets to a certain channel when it shuts off instead of staying on the last channel viewed. That’s very stupid.) The reason I’m holding on to my analog TV is simply a matter of cost; I can’t afford to spend the bucks on a new TV when the current one is working just fine, and with my eyesight, the improved picture isn’t worth it.