Thursday, June 4, 2009

Question of the Day

Okay, we know what commercials you like, so…

Which current commercial do you find annoying in the extreme?

Not being blessed with a TiVo, I endure them, but my list is growing ever longer of the advertising spots that I dislike, ranging from “Sheesh” to wishing I had a large baseball bat with which to bludgeon the perpetrators. First, obviously, would be pitchman Billy Mays, who must think everyone is deaf. Then there’s the Progressive Insurance series starring “Flo,” the ever-perky clerk. Then there are the ads for prescription medicines that warn you of side effects that are worse than the problem they’re supposed to cure, and tangential to them are the ones for boner pills that advise you to see your doctor if you have an erection lasting longer than four hours. Are you kidding? I’m posting that news on the blog. (Not really.)

There is one genre of commercials that is making its way into my consciousness, and that’s the ones where banks and car companies are trying to win us back into their good graces with acknowledgments that they screwed up and will try to do better. I view them with a mixture of revulsion and smug schadenfreude: Ha, you got busted and now you’re coming back with your tail between your legs and begging forgiveness. Yeah, well, it’s all talk until you actually make amends, Citibank, like lowering your APR’s back to where they were. So there.