Saturday, June 27, 2009

Short Takes

A version of cap-and-trade passed the House.

Iranian leaders threaten the protester with the death penalty.

Don’t give them any ideas; China, Cuba, and Burma block videos of the demonstrations in Tehran.

Indefinite detention? I thought we were done with that.

Sanford won’t resign because King David — the one from the bible — didn’t quit over his affair with Bathsheba. (In the bible, though, David had Bathsheba’s husband killed….)

Part-Time Job: Florida AG Bill McCollum and Republican candidate for governor has spent an average of 22 hours a week on the job over the last couple of months.

Good Career Move?
— In death, Michael Jackson is more popular than ever.

Eight is too much; Tigers lose to Houston and their winning streak ends at seven.

Saturday Morning Video: Captain Spalding, the African explorer.