Monday, June 8, 2009

Short Takes

Surprise election results in Lebanon.

More bodies found from the Air France crash.

Scott Roeder, the suspect in the assassination of Dr. George Tiller, says “similar events” are planned.

Back on the list — Secretary of State Clinton says North Korea may be listed as a terrorist state again.

North Korean “Justice” — Two U.S. journalists are sentenced to 12 years at hard labor for the “grave crime” of stepping over the border. Sounds like they just became bargaining chips.

Funny, you don’t look fluish — New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin is quarantined in China after arriving on a flight with a passenger that showed flu-like symptoms.

Sen. Edward Kennedy lays out his health care plan.

Smoke out — Senate poised to grant FDA sweeping powers over tobacco.

Tony Awards — congrats to the winners.

Tigers beat L.A. and still lead the division.