Saturday, June 6, 2009

Short Takes

Jobless rate jumps to 9.4%, but there are glimmers of recovery.

No denial — At Buchenwald, President Obama blasts Holocaust deniers again.

Tragedy — 29 children dead in a fire in a day care center in Mexico.

Not ready for prime time — Three million homes still aren’t ready for the switch to digital TV.

No single-payer plan on the table for health care reform.

Couple arrested for spying for Cuba.

Way wet — Seven to nine inches of rain fell in Miami and Miami Beach yesterday afternoon.

Could a soccer match change the course of history?

Tigers lose to L.A.; it’s their fourth loss in a row, but they’re still in first in the division.

Saturday Video: Betty Bower, America’s Best Christian, explains marriage for you.

HT to Blondsense.