Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DC Recognizes All Marriages

A step for equality in Washington, D.C. Via Box Turtle Bulletin:

As of last midnight, residents and visitors to Washington D.C. are just a bit more equal. Those same-sex couples who married in any of the states (and, presumably, countries) in which it is legal now have their marriages recognized by the District.

Interestingly, Congress, which is supposed to have the final word on what the city can do (there’s democracy for you), hardly noticed.

In contrast to the city’s Domestic Partnership law, which was denied implementation from 1992 to 2002, opposition to the marriage recognition bill was assigned to Jason Chaffetz, a freshman congressman from Utah. Chaffetz spoke to the press a few times and promptly went back to whatever else he was doing. A bill by drafted by US Reps. Jim Jordan, (R – OH) and Dan Boren (D – OK) to define marriage in the District as between one man and one women gathered the support of 33 Congressmen, about 8% of the members.

This is particularly fascinating in that the out-of-state recognition bill was enacted as a trial balloon to test the will of Congress. Councilman Catania is expected to present a bill to legalize marriage in the Capital in the fall.

That might get their attention.