Monday, July 27, 2009

Knowing His Place

William Kristol says that President Obama is still “arrogant” over the Gates flap.

The President could have said, you know that was a stupid thing for me to say. But he didn’t say that for some reason. You know, that would be too self-deprecating. And I think he is an arrogant man. And he feels entitled to pass judgment on Cambridge cops or on pediatricians…

As we learned in the campaign last year, “arrogant” is the new “uppity.” How dare the president say that a disproportionate number of blacks and Hispanic people are pulled over by the police and that some people might be touchy about that? Just who does he think he is to point that out? And why isn’t he being “post-racial”?

Jesse Taylor of Pandagon has a few thoughts on that.

When President Obama says that it was stupid for a police officer who arrested a black man who was angry over being accused of breaking into his own home, the narrative became about how he was making a mistake, how his bluntness on an issue of race – the seeming promise of post-racialism – was a “betrayal” of it, because the only point of white people being nice enough to elect Obama was for that nigger to march in post-racial lock step.

So, according to Mr. Kristol, when the president doesn’t act as expected — ooh, we’re not supposed to talk about race any more — he’s being arrogant and doesn’t know his place. Got it. The more things change….

HT to Melissa.