Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kristol Elite

I always get a chuckle out of William Kristol’s inability to see his own irony, and his column in the Washington Post on Sarah Palin’s future is a perfect example.

It’s a wide-open race. And Palin may not even run. But the panic among mainstream media commentators and the GOP establishment suggests real worry that if she does, she might pull off an upset. Why else the vehement assertions that she’s clearly made a terrible mistake? Why else the categorical insistence that her political career is finished? Aren’t they all protesting too much?


For psychological and sociological reasons too deep for me to grasp, a good chunk of elite America hates Sarah Palin and what they’ve decided she stands for. But if she wears their scorn as a badge of honor, comports herself with good cheer and personal dignity, studies up on national issues and takes the lead in selected debates on behalf of conservative principles against Obama administration policies, she has a shot.

The last time I checked, Mr. Kristol is a mainstream media commentator — after all, isn’t Fox News supposed to be “fair and balanced”? — and when it comes to the GOP establishment, he’s as old-school elite as they come. So for him to claim to be on the same mavericky side of the party as Sarah Palin is a little much. As for “panic,” he’s mistaking that for spontaneous gobsmacking.

He’s also falling back on the old reliable “hate” excuse: because a lot of people find Ms. Palin’s actions mystifying, they must hate her and everything she stands for, and anyone who disagrees with her must have some personal vendetta against her or see her as some sort of threat. But that’s the lazy way out: “nobody likes me, everybody hates me,” end of story. Please. That assumes that anybody really cares enough about the perils of Palin to actually work up the emotional energy to “hate” her.

He closes with one of his patented predictions:

If she’s as foolish, erratic and even nutty as her critics claim, then of course she’ll fail. If she performs well, she may succeed.

Only an elitist would dare to actually make go out on a limb, but I’ll take a chance: Epic Fail.