Monday, July 27, 2009

Sign Here

Gov. Charlie Crist’s office sent out a thank-you note to a white supremacist who sent the governor an anti-Semitic movie made by the German Ministry of Propaganda in 1940.

The brief thank-you note was dated June 30 and bore the governor’s automated signature. It praised the Pasco County resident’s thoughtfulness and generosity and said Crist would be delighted to share the DVD with the people of Florida.

When the gaffe was pointed out to the governor, he immediately put out a statement saying that he never saw the movie, blamed it on and “inexcusable mistake by [the governor’s] staff”, adding that “[n]either I or anyone in this administration agree with or condone the anti-Semitic content of this DVD.”

The statement also carried his automated signature.

HT to Incertus.