Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sorry, Marco

Marco Rubio’s run for the Senate got a little tougher here in South Florida.

Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart endorsed Governor Charlie Crist for the U.S. Senate today in a race that divides Republicans in Florida and Washington.

The brothers rebuffed fellow Miami Cuban-American Marco Rubio, a more conservative former legislator, who is challenging Crist for the GOP nomination.

Party leaders normally stay out of primary campaigns, but this race has drawn endorsements from leading figures who hope to sway the results and set the course for the GOP.

Party pragmatists figure Crist has the best chance of winning the general election against a Democrat. Conservative true believers say it’s time to back a candidate like Rubio who does not compromise their values.

The Diaz-Balarts – conservative on foreign affairs, more moderate on domestic policy – helped Crist burnish his credentials.

That should make for some interesting discussions on the Cuban talk-radio shows, and this makes Mr. Rubio’s chances of winning a bit more of a long shot.