Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taking It to the Blogs

President Obama made his case for health care reform to a group of bloggers.

In a roughly 25-minute session with a handful of prominent progressive bloggers, the president also asked for help combating disinformation about his health care plan.

“I know the blogs are best at debunking myths that can slip through a lot of the traditional media outlets,” he said. “And that is why you are going to play such an important role in our success in the weeks to come.”

The call demonstrates just how heated the health care debate has become in recent weeks and how much ammunition the administration is willing to bring to the table. At various points in the call, the president offered a strikingly detailed synopsis of his political strategy and health care policy as a whole.

While he refused to insist that lawmakers stay in Washington during the August recess, he declared definitively that, “the time for talk is through.”

I’m sure the blogs — even those who weren’t in on the call — can do their part to combat lies and distortions put up by the Republicans, but in the end the job for passing health care reform falls on the House and Senate to come up with legislation that makes the changes. It isn’t the bloggers who give the money to the lobbyists and the insurance companies or the PAC’s. The bloggers tell the stories and pull back the curtain and get their readers — you know, the people who are not necessarily connected via K Street — to get the word out to the people who actually elected our representatives and make them aware of what’s going on.