Thursday, August 13, 2009

An Informed Public

Sitting in for Chris Matthews on Hardball, Lawrence O’Donnell gently and politely interviews one of the more outspoken participants at Sen. Arlen Specter’s town hall.

Ms. Abram says she wants to take the country back to “the way the Founding Fathers wanted it.” Of course, if we went back to the way the Founding Fathers wanted it, Ms. Abram wouldn’t have a say in it because women didn’t get the vote until the 20th century. So…

Some of my friends have said they feel sorry for Ms. Abram for her breathtaking lack of interest in politics until she got bamboozled into putting herself on TV. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She has had every opportunity to learn all she can about the world around her by simply paying attention; it’s not like it’s a huge secret — that’s why they call it “the news.” She chose her ignorance; it wasn’t forced on her.

America, this is your informed public. The problem is that they’re informed by lies, distortions and utter bullshit.

Father Coughlin would be so proud.

HT to Melissa.