Saturday, August 22, 2009

Short Takes

Tropical Update: Hurricane Bill looks like it will head up to the Maritimes.

Drill, Baby, Drill: A report detailing the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” techniques will be released on Monday.

Tom Daschle’s role in helping pass healthcare reform probably came up during his visit with the president yesterday.

The Lutheran Church allows gays in “committed relationships” to serve as clergy. (But will the church allow them to perform same-sex marriages?)

Survival of the twittest: CNN reports that liberals admit conservatives are better at Twittering.

If you were planning on getting a “cash for clunkers” deal at AutoNation in South Florida, you’re too late.

The Texas State Board of Education is proposing history standards that will replace George Washington with Phyllis Schlafly. Seriously.

The Tigers win in Oakland.