Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stay Classy

Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart didn’t let a little thing like Ted Kennedy’s death get in the way of his invective against him on Twitter.

Breitbart unapologetically attacked Kennedy, calling him a “villain,” “a big ass motherf@#$er,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.” “I’ll shut my mouth for Carter. That’s just politics. Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement,” wrote Breitbart in one tweet.


When a fellow conservative tweeted to Breitbart asking him not to treat Kennedy like they believe some on the left treated the passing of Tony Snow and Ronald Reagan, Breitbart responded “How dare you compare Snow & Reagan to Kennedy! Why do you grant a BULLY special status upon his death? This isnt lib v con.” Despite his claim that his attacks weren’t about “lib v. con,” Breitbart repeatedly justified them in ideological terms.

Even if some on the left had made snide comments about Tony Snow and Ronald Reagan — although I recall that they were few and far between — it’s both infantile and irrelevant. Common human decency would expect that critics hold their tongue until after the funeral. Even Michelle Malkin, not known for her reticence, wrote that “now is not the time” to attack Mr. Kennedy.

Mr. Breitbart probably thinks it’s hypocritical to be nice for a moment to someone just because they’ve died, then go back on the attack once they’re buried. Actually, it’s just a sign of empathy to other peoples’ feelings, like their family and friends, and we all know how some conservatives feel about empathy.