Thursday, August 20, 2009

That Was Different

Sen. John Ensign told a friendly crowd at a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Nevada that he did “nothing legally wrong” during his affair with the wife of his chief of staff and that he has no intention of resigning, even though he demanded that President Clinton do so because “Clinton committed a felony when he lied about it to a grand jury.”

But as Keith Olbermann noted last night, Mr. Ensign, when he was a member of Congress, demanded that Mr. Clinton resign even before he testified before a grand jury. In other words, he was asking the president to do what he wouldn’t do because he had “lost his credibility.” As opposed to having your parents buy off your mistress and her family with $96,000.

I don’t care if Mr. Ensign resigns or not; that’s a decision for the people of Nevada to deal with. After all, they elected him. But it is strange that Mr. Ensign claims his affair was a private matter and has no bearing on his ability to perform his job. He’s either gotten some enlightenment and he’s now willing to cut a Democrat some slack, or he’s a flaming hypocrite.