Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Cheney

Liz Cheney gets her own profile out there.

Liz Cheney looks nothing like her father, but it is clear who he is. She was introduced as “our favorite vice president’s daughter” at a recent gathering of conservative women here. She kept invoking him in her speech, conveying his best regards, and likes to share cute stories about Dad trying to master his new BlackBerry.

Like her father, Ms. Cheney speaks in understated, almost academic cadences, head veering down into her notes. She also shares his willingness to pummel President Obama in stark, disdainful tones, not so much criticizing as taunting him.

“Mr. President, in a ticking time-bomb scenario, with American lives at stake,” she said, “are you really unwilling to subject a terrorist to enhanced interrogation to get information that would prevent an attack?”

By speech’s end, the crowd was standing, and the former vice president’s daughter was being mobbed for photos and hounded to run for office.

She may be younger, more attractive, a “red state rock star,” as one admirer put it, and she can hang out with all the Kool Kidz on the right wing like Michelle Malkin, but if she’s pushing the same old ideas as her father that were basically so wrong — torture is legal, politics trumps the Constitution, and going to war because it’s the way to get ahead in the world — she’s really nothing new.

If she wants to run for office, fine. But if recent history is any guide, the attempt at passing political acumen and ability from parent to child and cashing in on the family name hasn’t worked out too well in terms of providing new ideas and real leadership.