Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gas Price Survey

It’s coming up to another holiday weekend, but at least here in South Florida gas prices seem to pretty stable; I paid $2.65 at my usual place on Monday, which is what I’ve paid for the last couple of fill-ups. On the way in, prices vary from $2.81 at the Chevron in South Miami near Red Road and Sunset to $2.61 at the Westar on US 1 and Douglas in Coconut Grove, and that’s where they’ve been for the last few weeks.

I didn’t take any long car trips this summer except for the drive with my parents from Toledo to Stratford, Ontario, last month where the prices in Canada were anywhere from 92 to 98 cents a liter, which works out to about a dollar more a gallon than here. Still, the traffic seemed to be about the same as it always did, especially along the 401 between Windsor and London, and about the same as last year when gas was going for $1.25 a liter. I’m not planning any long trips this fall, either, except perhaps another Marathon run when the weather cools off a little, but that’s not because of the price of fuel; I just don’t have the time for a long trip.

So what’s it like in your area? Got any plans for any trips?