Friday, September 18, 2009

No Comparison

A former Bush administration official insists that she’s not calling President Obama a fascist or a socialist… just his policies.

[Former Bush administration official Ellen Sauerbrey, who served as Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration], said that the Obama administration advanced “fascist, socialist ideals.”

“I’m really afraid for the future of our country,” Sauerbrey told attendees at the annual Lincoln/Reagan Dinner of Sept. 12 in Callaway. “Our Constitution is indeed being dismantled.”

Later, in an interview with TPM, she said she never claimed Obama was like Hitler or Peron of Argentina:

“My point was very clearly not trying to compare our president to Eva Peron or Juan Peron or Adolf Hitler,” Sauerbrey told me. “My point was that when certain policies are implemented by any administration — and I also said, I think later to the reporter in chatting with him afterwards, that I was equally unhappy with the out of control spending in the Bush administration — when you start down this road of these kinds of policies, you are on the road to destroying what has made this a great country.”


“I never mentioned Hitler’s name other than when the reporter came up to me afterwards,” she said. “And I said, look, I am not making a direct comparison Obama and Hitler. I’m making a comparison between policies in countries, and that history has a way of repeating itself.”

Thanks for clearing that up.

Hearing a former official of the Bush administration worry about the “dismantling of the Constitution” by the Obama administration is like hearing Tony Soprano worry about violent crime in New Jersey.