Saturday, September 12, 2009


From TPM:

Newt Gingrich’s 527 group sent a letter to porn exec Allison Vivas Wednesday telling her she’d won their “Entrepreneur of the Year” award and inviting her to an “intimate event” with Gingrich.

“I’m honored, and more than a little surprised, to receive this prestigious award,” Vivas said today in a cheeky press release. “Rest assured, I’ll take the opportunity to inform Mr. Gingrich of some of the major challenges facing the adult entertainment industry in the current market .., from obscenity prosecutions to content piracy, I’ll make sure he walks away from that dinner educated about the realities of the online porn market.”

The statement made the rounds, and now Media Matters reports that the group’s spokesman sent a short statement clearing things up: “We have notified Allison Vivas that the notice she received was sent by mistake. We regret the error.”

Given the GOP’s recent history with the love bug (California State Rep. Michael Duvall, Gov. Mark Sanford and Senators David Vitter and John Ensign), it was probably an honest attempt to reach out to an entrepreneur who sees those uptight family values types a growth market.