Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recycling the Lies in Maine

The anti-marriage-equality folks in Maine are so desperate to sell their homophobia that they’ve brought in the same people who ran the Prop 8 in California. And they’re using the same commercials that include the lie that allowing same-sex marriage in Maine would mean that schools would be required to teach kids about gay marriage.

It goes without saying that Maine does not force school to talk about marriage equality, in fact they don’t have to talk about marriage at all. Dirigo Blue got a comment from the Maine Department of Education Comunications Director David Connerty-Marin:

“I cannot comment on Massachusetts education law or decisions made by local school districts in Massachusetts. Here in Maine, our Learning Results standards and education regulations make no reference to the teaching of marriage in any way. So a change in Maine’s laws or definition of marriage places no requirements on local districts regarding whether or how they teach about marriage. Such curriculum decisions are strictly local. Before or after passage of the gay marriage law a district could choose to teach about marriage or not, and to teach about it in any way it deemed appropriate. It simply is not governed by state education law.”

Not only that, the person in the ad, Charla Bansley, is not your average mom; she’s got a long record of wingnuttery on her resume. That’s not to say she’s not entitled to voice her opinion on whatever she likes. But it makes you wonder why the people behind Yes on 1 would go to such lengths to conceal her identity. It’s like they don’t want the citizens of Maine to know… or they think they’re too stupid or unengaged to care.