Saturday, September 26, 2009

Short Takes

Busted — Iran’s secret nuclear facility gets the attention of the U.S., France, Britain, and everybody else.

The G20 agrees on tighter rules for financial institutions and executive pay.

No Kidding — The Baucus healthcare reform bill may be just a first draft. (BTYFO.)

The number of Democrats in the Senate is back to 60 as Paul Kirk is sworn in.

Poor Man’s Glenn Beck
Toledo Blade columnist Jack Kelly finds a link between Hugo Chavez, Barack Obama, William Ayers, and the ousted president of Honduras. What an ass.

Read all about it — How newspapers help recent arrivals cope with life in South Florida.

Tropical update:
TD 8 isn’t coming anywhere near South Florida.

R.I.P. Alicia de Larrocha, pianist.

Tigers lose to the White Sox and narrow their lead.