Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Short Takes

Let it begin — The Senate begins debating Sen. Max Baucus’s healthcare bill.

Prove it — The White House makes it harder to classify state secrets.

Deadly weather — Nine people were killed in flooding in Georgia and the Southeast.

In the interim — Massachusetts passes the bill to allow a temporary appointment to fill Sen. Kennedy’s seat.

28.1 — That’s the percentage of people in Miami-Dade County who don’t have health insurance.

Bounced out — “Miami Beach mayoral candidate Joshua LaRose, creator of the Florida Billionaires Political Committee, has been disqualified from the race. The reason? His qualifying check bounced.”

R.I.P. Art Ferrante, of the 1950’s and ’60’s piano-playing hit-making duo Ferrante & Teicher.

The Tigers beat Cleveland to stay ahead of the Twins.