Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Short Takes

Tropical Update: Tropical Storm Ericka heads for the Bahamas, and Hurricane Jimena heads for Baja California.

The weather is helping the firefighters in the Los Angeles wildfire.

There are claims of nearly 24,000 forged votes in Afghanistan.

Let’s Talk: Iran is ready to discuss their nuclear future.

Cash for Clunkers helped boost auto sales in August.

Manufacturing takes a turn for the better.

The Blue Dogs still think a healthcare bill is possible, all the shouting to the contrary.

Payday: Miami-Dade Commissioner Moss handed out some pretty nice raises to his staff right after budget cuts were announced.

Proofreading: The word “negro” still showed up in a Broward County Public Schools handbook.

R.I.P. Cincinnati Pops conductor Erich Kunzel.

The Tigers beat Cleveland 8-5.