Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slipping to Number 3

Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight found something interesting at the recently concluded “Values Voters” conference in Washington.

Abortion ranked first among issues of concern to straw-poll voters, getting 41 percent of the vote, with protection of religious liberty second with 18 percent.

Opposition to same-sex marriage was third at 7 percent.

That’s a 13-point drop since the last time the poll was conducted, in October 2007. Granted, the poll asked what was “most important” of these people, and control of a woman’s uterus will always be #1 with these folks.

Does it mean that marriage equality is more acceptable to them? Probably not; it’s just not as important to them as it once was. I don’t know if the various changes in the laws in Vermont, Maine, Iowa, and New Hampshire, along with the lack of hellfire and brimstone falling on Massachusetts five years into their legalized same-sex marriage experience makes any difference, either. It’s probably that they have other shiny things to distract them, like fake Kenyan birth certificates and such. So when the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act reaches the floor of the House or a federal case challenging it gets to the Supreme Court, you can expect the busybodies to come roaring back.

PS: I wonder if Sen. David Vitter or John Ensign made it to the Value Voters meet-up…