Monday, October 26, 2009

Gas Price Survey

Yipes — In a week gas has jumped about twenty cents a gallon at the station I’m using while my regular place is undergoing renovation. I paid $2.79 at the Mobil station on the corner of US 1 and SW 152nd Street in Miami. Last Monday it was $2.59, on the drive in to the office I saw it going for as much as $2.87 and as low as $2.67 at the Westar in Coconut Grove. It might have something to do with the fact that the price of a barrel of oil has topped $80.

It’s a good thing that my Mustang is averaging about 20.75 mpg even with all the in-town driving I do. And it makes me glad that I’m not driving one of these every day.

1956 Chrysler Windsor Newport

It’s from the Memory Lane exhibit at the South Florida International Auto Show. I got to drive it from West Miami to Miami Beach last week in preparation for setting up the exhibit. It has a push-button transmission, a steering wheel the size of an extra-large pizza, and a suspension that removes any illusion that you are riding on a road with any bumps at all. It handles like the Queen Mary — you don’t park it, you dock it — and 53 years ago, it was considered “thrifty.”

Thanks to Bob for the photo.