Monday, October 12, 2009

October Holidays

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, so I suspect my friends up there are doing what we do on the fourth Thursday of November; eating a lot and watching football.

Here in the U.S. it is Columbus Day, celebrated as a federal holiday — therefore no mail delivery — but it depends on where you are or who you work for if it is a day off. (It is not for me.) And then there are those who object to observing a holiday in commemoration of the Italian who set off from Spain to find his way to India and thought that the Bahamas were islands in Central Asia. It didn’t stop him from claiming them in the name of the king who hired him, and led to the settlement — some say invasion and occupation — of the Western Hemisphere by the Europeans. (Or, as comedian Stan Freberg said when Columbus arrived, he was greeted by the natives with “You here on a Fullbright?”)

So Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the Truth North. You’ll probably still be having leftover by the time we get to our Thanksgiving.