Thursday, October 8, 2009

Question of the Day

This one was suggested by the Faithful Correspondent, who is annoyed by annoying words and phrases. There’s a survey out that lists the most egregious, and she e-mailed me, “…the word ‘whatever’ tops the list of most annoying. I haven’t checked the others but I immediately thought I should submit ‘no problem,’ which is the response du jour to ‘thank you’. After thanking someone it’s all I can do to keep from hurling myself upon them and throttling them when they lose ‘you’re welcome’ and give me that old tired ‘no problem.'”

Okay, then:

What catchword or phrase do you find most annoying?

Mine is below the fold.

I don’t mind “no problem” all that much, probably because I use it myself (Sorry, FC). The one I’ve gotten to hate is “It is what it is.” People use it as a shrug-off when a situation is either unchangeable or they don’t want to exert the effort to rectify it. Not only is it a tautology, it makes me want to reply with a barnyard epithet or proffer a suggestion about where to store certain farm implements.