Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Short Takes

Yet another bombing in Pakistan kills at least 41 people.

Attention-getting — North Korea shoots off some missiles in advance of talks.

California sort of gets back into the same-sex marriage business.

Ya Think? Part II — The Democrats say the insurance industry report on healthcare is flawed.

Two Americans split the Nobel Economics prize, including the first woman to win the award. (Where is the right-wing outrage?)

Don’t mess with Bob Dole — The DNC pulls a “misleading” ad they had with clips of him supporting healthcare reform.

Vamos a Cuba — Bills to open up travel are gaining support in the House, but…

“Zero tolerance” can be really stupid sometimes.

So, how’d the Dolphins do last night?

Playoffs — The Phillies beat the Rockies and advance to play the Dodgers.