Thursday, October 1, 2009

The High Life

Florida lobbyist Alan Mendelsohn is accused of using funds raised for lobbying to pay for his mistress.

Starting in 2002, Mendelsohn, a politically connected eye doctor, created several false organizations with the stated purpose of lobbying state government on health-care issues. On that basis, Mendelsohn raised around $2 million in political contributions from industry sources with an interest in those issues — in addition to money he took in directly from lobbying clients.

Mendelsohn then diverted over $600,000 of that money — some from the political contributions, some directly from the lobbying fees — to his own personal use. Mendelsohn, who is married, bought a house and car for his mistress, paid for his children’s high-school and college tuition and SAT prep, and paid personal credit card bills, among other things. He had his lobbying clients directly pay some of these bills, allowing him to avoid lobbyist disclosure rules.

Dr. Mendelsohn worked on Gov. Crist’s transition team…and has also held a fundraiser for Crist’s senate primary opponent, Marco Rubio.

A wife and a mistress; Crist and Rubio. The guy was covering his bets.