Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Census Worker Killed Himself

Kentucky State Police have determined that Bill Sparkman, the census worker found hanged in the woods in rural eastern Kentucky in September, committed suicide.

Despite the fact that Mr. Sparkman was found hands, feet and mouth bound with duct tape, rope around his neck and the word “FED” written on his chest, analysis of the evidence determined Mr. Sparkman’s death was self-inflicted. A thorough examination of evidence from the scene, to include DNA testing, as well as examination of his vehicle and his residence resulted in the determination that Mr. Sparkman, alone, handled the key pieces of evidence with no indications of any other persons involved.

Witness statements, which are deemed credible, indicate Mr. Sparkman discussed ending his own life and these discussions matched details discovered during the course of the investigation. It was learned that Mr. Sparkman had discussed recent federal investigations and the perceived negative attitudes toward federal entities by some residents of Clay County. It was also discovered during the investigation that Mr. Sparkman had recently secured two life insurance policies for which payment for suicide was precluded.

After his body was discovered, there was a lot of preventive posting on the right, waiting for left-wing blogging hysteria over the assumption that Mr. Sparkman had been murdered because he worked for the Census Bureau. However, the vast majority of liberal bloggers — including myselfwaited to see what the truth was before pronouncing judgment. At the time it looked like murder, but now we know the truth.

My thoughts are with his family, and I hope they find peace.