Saturday, November 14, 2009

G. Gordon Liddy Is Insane

Granted, it’s not exactly news; he’s been off his rocker since the good old days of Watergate when he perfected his Col. Flagg impersonation. But yesterday’s little exchange with Gary Bauer, his sycophantic little toady sidekick, was a new high.

LIDDY: I’m convinced that despite his protestations to the contrary, that Barack Obama is a Muslim. I don’t believe that he’s a Christian at all. I believe he’s a Muslim.

BAUER: Well, you know the church that he famously or infamously attended was, was odd in many ways. Not only the rantings of its pastor, the clear racist rantings of its pastor, which the President chose to listen to year after year with his family and his children. You know something that still in my view has never been adequately explained. But it was also a church that had some real strange ideas about Islam and Christianity. I’ve seen a number of suggestions that there were many people in the congregation that considered themselves both Christian and Muslim. Something that I’m sure both real Christians and real Muslims would deny is possible.

Ironically, if we get decent healthcare reform, Mr. Liddy may be able to get all the Thorazine he so desperately needs.

HT to Michael.