Friday, November 20, 2009

Short Takes

A suicide bomber killed 16 in Pakistan. It was the sixth bombing in two weeks.

640,000 jobs created by the stimulus? Really?

The healthcare bill will face its first vote in the Senate on Saturday.

The Pentagon will look into the Fort Hood shootings.

A bad piece of FAA computer equipment in Salt Lake City meant a ton of flight delays and cancellations around the country yesterday, including South Florida.

New York court rules in favor of gay spouse benefits.

Rudy Giuliani rules out a run for NY governor. Oh, darn. And he won’t run for the Senate, either. Double darn.

Embattled Miami City Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones will run for her seat again.

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez gets more attention in Washington than she does in Havana.

Oprah Winfrey will end her TV talk show in 2011. She has a talk show?

Fox News seems to have a lot of technical glitches when it comes to archival news footage.