Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crist and Rubio Tied

A poll puts the Florida Republican Senate primary race as a tie between Gov. Charlie Crist and former State House Speaker Marco Rubio.

In the new survey, the two each have 43% support, with a ±5% margin of error. Back in October, Crist was ahead by 49%-35%.

Rubio has been hammering Crist over his having campaigned alongside President Obama for the stimulus bill. And it seems to be working. The primary will be held on August 24, 2010.

Gov. Crist has two choices: tack further to the right and try to win over skeptical tea-baggers who don’t trust him for reasons beyond his embrace of the Obama stimulus and his later distancing himself from it (stimulus? what stimulus?), or present himself as the moderate voice of reason and try to win independent voters who otherwise might vote for the Democrat in the general election. That’s one thing Mr. Rubio doesn’t have to worry about; his right-wing bona fides have never been in doubt. The only question is will they be enough to win statewide?