Friday, December 18, 2009

Policy vs. Lunacy

As much agita that is being created among the Democrats about the healthcare bill and whose giving up what to get the last vote dragged across the finish line, and as much in-fighting that’s going on between the pundits — the Howard Dean/Mary Landrieu cage match, for instance — and all the hyperbole that some of my friends on the left are using to describe President Obama as a sell-out and a politician, at the least the arguments are about policy and what’s actually in the bill. Mandate or not? Public option or not? Medicare for all or not? Those are serious issues and worth talking about.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are praying… and making up stuff about the contents of the bill as they take their pleas for divine intervention to YouTube.

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Rachel Maddow was very circumspect in not making a mockery of those folks gathered in what I’m sure they thought was some earnest effort at prayer. But if they were truly praying for divine intervention, then the first thing that should have happened is a lightning bolt split between Sen. DeMint and Sen. Brownback to remind them about bearing false witness. And while they’re at it, there is the admonition to keep your prayers silent and private.

But of course the most astute and accurate summation of the events comes from Jon Stewart.

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