Monday, December 28, 2009

Terrorists Fly Coach

I guess earning all those frequent flier miles makes a difference.

Earlier in the afternoon, Delta Airlines, which acquired Northwest last year, said in a statement that the crew had requested police assistance on the ground because a passenger was “verbally disruptive.” The Transportation Safety Administration said in a statement that it had been alerted to a “disruptive passenger on board” Flight 253. The T.S.A. said that the flight landed safely at Detroit International Airport at approximately 12:35 p.m. Eastern “without incident.”

“The aircraft has been moved to a remote location for additional screening,” the agency had said then. “T.S.A. and law enforcement met the aircraft upon arrival, the passenger is now in custody.”

The man in question, who happened to be from Nigeria, locked himself in the lavatory because he had “stomach troubles” (the trots) and didn’t want to leave the biffy. Who can blame him? There’s more than one way of carrying explosives in your shorts. So they parked the plane at a remote location and took all the precautions.

Compare that with this story.

Donald Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana, was forcefully removed from a New York City-bound Delta Airlines flight…after causing a scene and screaming at crew members.

According to the Associated Press, Trump’s 60-year-old former wife became angered by a group of children running in the aisle of her first class cabin while the flight was waiting to depart Palm Beach International Airport en route to New York.

Flight attendants were unable to calm the socialite down and the pilot taxied the plane back to the gate where law enforcement tried to convince Trump to voluntarily exit the aircraft.

When she refused and continued to hurl obscenities at crew members and fellow passengers, deputies “physically escorted her off the aircraft,” a department spokesman told

Yet the former Mrs. Trump got on a later flight and was not detained; nor, I presume, did anyone examine her underwear for explosives.

The sick Nigerian’s mistake was that he didn’t pay for the upgrade to first class.

HT to Digby.