Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Way Back and Far Right

Rick reminded me of the story on the Rachel Maddow Show last week that one of the sponsors of the upcoming Conservative Political Action Committee convention will be the John Birch Society.

The what? Well, if you’re under fifty, you probably don’t remember the Birchers, but they were — and apparently still are — the teabaggers of the 1950’s and ’60’s; virulently right-wing and obsessed with conspiracy theories: fluoridated water was socialized medicine, school integration was a plot to despoil our children with “jungle” music and infect the toilet seats in the boys’ room with social diseases (I had a high school history teacher who actually believed that), and of course, anyone to the left of Joe McCarthy was a communist, including President Eisenhower. They’re so nuts that even William F. Buckley, the godfather of the modern conservative movement, wanted nothing to do with them.

That reminded me of the song* by the legendary Chad Mitchell Trio from 1962:

To quote LGF,

This is where the conservative movement has been heading ever since Barack Obama was elected, and now they’re finally arriving at the black helicopter landing pad.

And not a single GOP politician or right wing blogger has so much as blinked at the news that they’ll be sharing CPAC with this group of creeps, creationists, racists, and extremists. This CPAC is going to be a hoot.

*For those of you under fifty, here are links to some of the more obscure cultural references like Westbrook Pegler (a precursor of Glenn Beck) and the WCTU (prohibitionists) in the song.