Thursday, January 7, 2010


Thirty-nine members of Congress have joined a lawsuit to overturn marriage equality in Washington, D.C.

In the filing, U.S. senators James Inhofe (Okla.) and Roger Wicker (Miss.) and 37 House Republicans align with Bishop Harry Jackson, pastor of Hope Christian Church, in asking the court to reverse a D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics decision prohibiting the same-sex marriage question to be put before voters.

“Under the United States Constitution, they serve as members of the ultimate legislative authority for the District of Columbia and the very body which delegated to the District its limited legislative power under home rule,” the filing states. “As members of the District’s ultimate legislative body, amici are concerned about the extent of the District’s delegated legislative authority, the preservation of Congress’s constitutional authority, and the interpretation of home rule.”

In case you forgot from your high school civics class, Congress has the right to dictate the rules to the city of Washington.

It’s slightly ironic that these whacky members of Congress can basically ignore the city and all of its issues, such as education, infrastructure, and things that really matter, but when it comes to letting gay couples get married….