Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coakley Loses

The Massachusetts election to fill the term of Ted Kennedy is over, and the Democrat Martha Coakley lost to Scott Brown.

I hate to say “I told you so,” but I told you so.

I didn’t watch it last night on TV because even if the roles had been reversed and the equivalent situation — a Democrat winning a Senate seat in Utah, say — had been the story, I can only take so much of cable news heads going hyper… and also because there was a power failure in my neighborhood that had the lights out several times between 4:30 and 9:00 last night. It’s just as well; even with the power on for a little while I had better things to watch. I’ll leave it to the pundits to use all the words like “stunning” and “traumatic” and “death blow to Obama’s agenda” and I’ll ignore the party insiders on both sides of the aisle who will now go into complete freak mode. I concur with Josh Marshall: “Shut the *$%& Up!”

Being a theatre scholar, I see the story as having all the makings of a good drama with rising action, comic relief, and enough ironic twists — a Republican winning Ted Kennedy’s seat after changing the law to insure that a Democrat got the seat — to make Shakespeare and Sophocles quit the business. But it’s not the end of the world for the Democrats, and the Republicans can have their time to gloat simply because they are entitled to a little light after two national elections that basically handed them their heads. They can have their celebration and the Democrats can sit shiva for a little while, but then get back to work. That’s what the voters really want.