Monday, January 4, 2010


Peter Baker has a look inside the Obama administration’s terrorism task force, including a profile of John Brennan, the senior adviser on counterterrorism who spoke out this weekend on Fox News about the mendacity of Dick Cheney. As several other bloggers have pointed out, there’s an interesting paragraph wherein several former Bush administration officials actually support the approach that President Obama is taking, but are refusing to speak out on the record.

A half-dozen former senior Bush officials involved in counterterrorism told me before the Christmas Day incident that for the most part, they were comfortable with Obama’s policies, although they were reluctant to say so on the record. Some worried they would draw the ire of Cheney’s circle if they did, while others calculated that calling attention to the similarities to Bush would only make it harder for Obama to stay the course. And they generally resent Obama’s anti-Bush rhetoric and are unwilling to give him political cover by defending him.

So basically these folks are afraid to speak up because Dick Cheney’s jock pals might beat them up during recess and they won’t get to sit at the Conservative Kool Kidz table any more? Their precious feelings were hurt because President Obama basically said that the previous administration did a less-than-stellar job?

What’s really scary about this is that this country’s terrorism policy was, for eight years, in the hands of people with the same maturity level of a middle-school nerd clique.