Monday, January 25, 2010

He’s The One?

Remember when the meme was that Barack Obama was “The One,” the messiah, the savior of American political thought, the transcendent messenger? As Kevin Drum noted,

I don’t personally know of a single person who felt that way, and the fact that he got huge crowds for his speeches means only that he was a charismatic guy, lots of people liked what he had to say, and liberals were stoked at the prospect of dumping Bush and Cheney. Sure, maybe a few thought he was the salvation of American politics, but there’s really not much evidence that this was a very widespread belief — and no evidence at all that Obama himself ever believed it.

In fact, this is mostly the triumph of a conservative narrative. It was conservatives who spent months during the 2008 campaign taunting Obama for his alleged messiah status and it was conservatives who were constantly misquoting him about being “The One” or griping about how he thought his silver tongue could save the world and induce vicious dictators to swoon.

The reason the question comes up is because now it’s Scott Brown, the Senator-elect from Massachusetts, who is being hailed by the conservatives as The One.

I’m not saying Mr. Brown is buying it, but still, I thought the Republicans were the folks who sneered at “celebrity” politicians. (Sarah? Sarah Who?)

HT to Steve M.