Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Look For the Union Label

That Rush Limbaugh’s praise of the American medical system was based on his experience in Hawai’i last week (“The treatment I received here was the best that the world has to offer”) is nice to hear… since Hawai’i has what amounts to be the closest thing we have in America to the healthcare system envisioned by the Democrats.

Hawaii’s experience refutes, with real-world evidence, the opposition arguments that employer mandates are “job killers.” Recent studies of the employer mandate in Hawaii — and in San Francisco, the other place in the United States with a strong employer requirement to contribute to health care — show that there was no measurable impact on jobs. […]

Both Hawaii and San Francisco have higher requirements on what employers must provide than what is envisioned in either the federal health reform proposals.

And it’s also staffed by organized labor.