Friday, January 15, 2010

Question of the Day

I’m borrowing this from myself; I used it at Shakesville last night, and I think I asked this a long time ago here.

Are you still in touch with your friends from childhood?

I am; in fact, I’m in touch with both of them whom I met within months of each other when I was about four and had just moved to Perrysburg in 1957. One lived down the street and we played together and kept in touch even when he moved to Florida. In fact, it was he who first invited me to visit here in 1966 and it obviously had an impact on me. After high school he joined the Navy and we lost touch, but thanks to Google and Facebook, we’re connected again. He has a very successful commercial photography business in Chicago. My other best friend and I went to school together from Grade 6 on up. We even followed similar paths through college, both going on to grad school and getting doctorates in our respective fields. He’s a professor of theology at a prestigious university now, and we keep in touch via the social networking media. When I was in Perrysburg over Christmas I drove by the houses we used to live in, and it wasn’t very hard to remember what it was like being with them lo these fifty years ago.