Thursday, January 28, 2010

State Of the Union

A lot of other bloggers will be live-blogging the State of the Union speech tonight, so I’ll take a pass on trying to write and watch at the same time; that adept at multi-tasking I am not. I suggest you check out Michael’s work at The Reaction as he live-blogs from the True North, and I’ll catch up with it later.

I can make a couple of predictions, though: before the speech the pundits will agree that this is The Most Important Speech President Obama Will Ever Deliver and that his presidency, his legacy, and his whole reason for being Hangs In the Balance. After it’s over, the Republicans will shake their head sadly and wonder why the president isn’t being bipartisan enough, which, according to House Minority Leader John Boehner, means that he’s not caving in to the demands of the Republicans. And I am sure that someone will point out that only Time Will Tell how well the speech went… at least until Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck, Charles Krauthammer and the rest of the Villagers can get back to tweeting.

Enjoy the speech.