Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google at Warp Speed

Google would like to make the internet a lot faster.

The company said it will begin in certain test markets to offer broadband service capable of delivering bits and bytes at speeds 100 times what most Americans now receive from their cable and telephone companies.


Currently, some of the fastest connections through cable, DSL and fiber access cap at about 20 to 50 megabits a second. Google said that with speeds reaching 1 gigabit a second, the company can experiment with applications that would allow a rural resident to exchange 3-D videos with a doctor in Los Angeles. Full-feature high-definition movies could be downloaded in five minutes.

Which would bring us up to speed with places like Japan and some countries in Europe where high-speed broadband has been around for years.

(What do you bet that the first films to be downloaded in the test market will be porn?)