Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lincoln Diaz-Balart Retiring

Chris Cillizza at The Fix has the news.

Florida Republican Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart will call it quits today, retiring after nine terms representing a heavily Cuban-American district in the Miami area, according to a source briefed on the decision.


The current chatter in Florida is that Mario Diaz-Balart is likely to run for his brother’s now open seat, which would vacate his 25th district — a seat where McCain won only 50 percent in 2008 and where Mario Diaz-Balart won only 53 percent against Miami-Dade County Democratic Chairman Joe Garcia.

Garcia is reportedly interested in running again and would give Democrats a genuine pickup opportunity in the 25th if he did decide to make the contest. One complicating factor for Garcia is that he is currently working in an appointed post in the Obama Administration. Another Democrat mentioned is Miami-Dade Commissioner Katy Sorenson who recently announced she would not seek re-election to her current post.

Well, finally we’re going to have some interesting races here in Miami. This could have a domino effect — how appropriate for Little Havana — and it might even cause a ripple in the Senate race between Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio.

Lincoln Diaz-Balart also happens to be my representative, so I’ll have more than just a passing interest in what transpires in the race.