Tuesday, February 9, 2010

She Meant To Do That

The reaction to Sarah Palin’s palmistry has been, for the most part, mirthful. The left is giggle-snorting over it and enjoying watching the right try to defend it or fulminate against the left’s “outrage,” which only tells you that the righties either don’t know the difference between being laughed at and outrage, or they are so embarrassed that such a silly thing happened that they’re just flustered and are trying out all sorts of reasons why Ms. Palin would do such a thing. So far the one explanation that makes me chortle the most is the one offered by Gretchen Carlson over at (where else) Fox News:

I think she did it on purpose. I think she did it on purpose, yeah. Because it’s an exact opposite of reading off the teleprompter with a script written for you with every word in a sentence and here’s she’s just taking crib notes on her hand. It makes her look like she can just talk off the cuff and she just jotted down a few couple notes before she went out to give a big long speech.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

PS: You knew this kind of hilarity would ensue.